Rock Climbing

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Ancash Region is rich, for those interested in adventure sports, as in the case of rock climbing. Rock climbing is one of the mountain activities has grown faster.

His followers are hundreds, perhaps because of the abundance of ideal areas for practice. Both in the Cordillera Blanca and Negra it is possible to find spectacular areas that have never been explored. But increasingly it has more fans and where I practice.


Hatun Machay “Stone Forest” located in the Cordillera Negra between Huaraz and Conococha, at 4300 meters. It covers an area of ​​200 hectares.

The rock we find here is volcanic

Hatun Machay has more than 300 well-equipped routes from grade 5+ to 8a for beginners and for more experienced climbers. We can also find lots of boulders throughout the area. The perfect place to have a good acclimatization if your plan is to climb other mountains. You can also enjoy the paintings, observe the strange stone formations and Chonta a high point from where you have a spectacular view of the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash. You then visit a day or more because Hatun Machay is a cozy retreat with bedroom, dining room, fireplace and bathroom with hot water, you also have the option of camping using all shelter services.


The Antacocha lagoon is located at 3,800 meters above sea level in the Cordillera Negra and 30 kilometers south west of the city of Huaraz.

We have routes from 15 to 180 meters long.There are several ways equipped with bolts and there are also possibilities to scale clean, placing cams and stoppers. In fact it is a place with many possibilities of opening since the vast majority of the walls are still unclimbed and waiting for the aperturistas adventurers.

The walls are surrounded by a unique geography, entire industry has as its backdrop the impressive white mountains, highlighting the imposing mountains and Huantsán Shaqsha.


An interesting point to practice rock climbing is Los Olivos is ideal for the sport sector, which is quite close to the city of Huaraz, has more than 30 routes in sports from 4+ to 8a and The area some good boulders, roof, cruise and extraplomo. In recent years it has equipped more routes, which are followed by athletes and local enthusiasts, as well as by visitors.


It is located 10 minutes from the city of Huaraz, a place Boulder basically all difficulties.


In the province of Huaylas is Parón tower, a climbing area in the gorge of the same name, this is also known as “The Sphinx” has a popular route which was opened in the nineties.

The Sphinx, in contrast to the surrounding mountains, it looks like a large granite pillar visible from Laguna Paron, In “The Sphinx” are up to 20 routes of ascent of which, the biggest difficulty is in the 7th grade about 5,000 meters.

 It is very popular with climbers from around the world for its east wall, a rock wall whose height varies between 750 and 900 m.  

It is recommended that anyone interested in this practice in the area, may have prior acclimatization and avoid the rainy season.


Chancos is located northeast of the city of Huaraz to 30 km. Chancos with perfect for granite rock climbing activity and has 8 sports routes of difficulty 5b to 6c ideal for people without experience.


It is one of the most developed in broken rock climbing in which we find a wall on each side, here we can find about 45 routes of which most are equipped for sport climbing and only some are traditional climbing. The routes range from 7 meters to the 170 degrees of difficulty from easy to extremely difficult.